Caring for Creation

Stirling Methodist Church has recently donated 20 trees to the Harmony Grove to mark the 200 years that Methodism has been in the city. One tree for each decade of our existence.

Harmony Grove is a project organised by Interfaith Scotland, to witness that all faith groups believe that, by working together, they can help preserve our precious planet. The grove is a mixture of trees native to this part of the United Kingdom and will increase the bio-diversity of the area in which it is set.

For Stirling Methodist Church this is the latest project spread over the last two decades which is a part of their witness in caring for creation. Their projects have included work of the Church, a listed building, to make it more environmentally friendly as well as encouraging members to make changes in their own lives that benefits the environment.

The Stirling Methodist Church was very active in the campaign to persuading the Methodist Church to divest fully from fossil fuel investments. The Stirling Church remains active on this issue trying to persuade Stirling Council to divest their pension fund from fossil fuels.

The Church Green Team is currently putting together their application for the Eco-Congregations Gold Award. The application will highlight the work that members outside the Church in their homes and through environmental and conservation groups they support and are active in.

All this is grounded in the worship of the church where we highlight the wonderful creation that our God has given to us as well as our shortcomings in caring for it as we should.

The Rev. Mary Patterson says: “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it” (Psalm 24 verse 1). I am proud to be the minister working alongside a congregation who put their Christian faith into action by taking care not only of God’s people but God’s earth as well.”

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