Safeguarding in the District

Welcome to the page of the District Safeguarding Officer. This is the place to get information and access resources on how to we protect children and vulnerable people in the Methodist Church.

My name is Euan Morrison and I am the District Safeguarding Officer. It is my responsibility to assist congregations to make the Church and the Church communities safe places for everyone but, in particular, children and  those who are vulnerable. I work to ensure that we all comply with the various legal requirements that relate to protecting children and the  vulnerable with a particular focus on the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme and PVG related issues. I also provide support and advice on dealing with safeguarding matters and risk assessments.

I am supported in this work by the Circuit and Local Church Safeguarding Officers and the members of the Safeguarding Advisory Group.

However, it is important to remember that it is everyone’s responsibility to protect children and the vulnerable therefore everyone working in and attending services in the Methodist Church has an important part to play in developing a safe and supportive culture within the Church that protects everyone, regardless of the nature of their vulnerability. Together we can ensure that the Methodist Church is a safe place for people to come and worship and, when concerns are identified, they are dealt with properly and promptly.

In the event that you have any cause for concern in regard to a possible safeguarding issue you should get in contact with me either by telephone or by e-mail as shown below.

Euan Morrison, District Safeguarding Officer – Tel – 07592447880

Safeguarding Round Up April 2020

Safeguarding Meeting May 2020

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