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Glasgow Science Centre

Could you commit to light a candle from 8-9pm every Thursday?
A time of prayer and reflection for those whom are struggling this night, this week, for those on the ‘frontline’
who may have lost their jobs, their income, their loved ones,
and those who are facing battles of caring, administering medical interventions to save lives.
May the light of Christ shine bright in our homes, our lives, and give hope to many.
You might like to post a picture of your candle on your social media, just to say that is what you are doing.
The Strathclyde Circuit was formed in 2014 from the former Glasgow and Lanarkshire Circuits.

If you wish to contact a Minister please email:

Glasgow March 2021

Dear Friends

Greetings to you accompany this preaching plan for the months of April and May.  I have made it with a continued sense of uncertainty as the lockdown restrictions are being eased, and I am not sure which churches will be able to open physically during these months.  This preaching plan is offered in that spirit of uncertainty.  We have decided that we are not “ready” to make provision for the sharing of the Lord’s Supper in physical worship, but trust that whenever you eat and drink you remember the presence of Christ at the meal table.  I hope it will not be long before we can share confidently as a church family in this special sacrament together – physically.

These coming months will involve a time of reflection for us as churches on the changes we may need to put in place in discovering a way forward for each of us.  What have we missed – and what is God saying to us about the shape of the church in the future?  I am convinced that an online presence is going to be part of that future.  When shall we meet together physically in order to fulfil what it means to be Christian in these coming days?  What about meetings to study and pray together?  Online or physically?  What about our use of social media? Are we listening to the community – and where the good news needs to be lived out?  Yes, there are a lot of questions – many of which keep me awake in the watches of the night.  We trust in the God who was so “with us” in Christ that the cross was the end of the road.  We trust in the God who, by the power of love brought life out of death, hope out of despair.  This God is not finished with the Methodist people in Strathclyde!

Many have travelled through the Shadowlands of Good Friday during this year – and have known loss, exhaustion, despair.  Many will be deeply traumatised by the events of the year – and will need to know that there is hope.  Perhaps that is our calling . . . to live the truth that love wins, to be around for those who are “limping” as a consequence of these last twelve months.  Some of the churches are inviting the community to tie purple cloth to the railings of the church as a sign of our togetherness in grief.

Find joy in the worship in which you are able to share in the coming weeks.  Keep connecting with all that is being done online – and face honestly the reality of the day – and what sort of a church we are being called to become.

Peace be the journey.


Superintendent of the Strathclyde Circuit

Andrew Baker’s thoughts: Saturday 5 minutes at 5pm

There is an online service on every Sunday available from 7.00 am  which you can access by the following link:


Reflection on the Gospel Lectionary reading for Sunday available on a Friday


Weekly Bible Study starting Friday 22nd January looking at Characters in the early part of the Old Testament.

Scottish-Church-Leaders-Forum-Call to Prayer-16th-May-2021

Prayer for the young people

Prayers for the Circuit from the young people

Woodlands International meet via Zoom details can be found on their Facebook page


If you wish to join in the bible study please contact:

Information for engaging with young people:

Children, Youth and Family Resources.

 Youth for Christ share short videos for children and young people on engaging topics such as ‘What it means to love one another’; ‘Online relationships’ and ‘Faith in every season’.

 The Big House, an Irish youth organisation, has created a video series called “Shaken”.  They introduce this series by saying:

 “We all feel shaken sometimes. Sometimes difficult things happen and we don’t know what to do, or how we feel.

 SHAKEN is a resource is designed to help you make good choices to live well when life shakes you.”

 Fischy Music are holding live assemblies every Monday morning at 11am.  Get your week off to a good start and tune in.

 Roots are providing free weekly resources for families to use throughout the week.

 Engage Worship post a daily prayer and worship activity for all the family to take part in. 

 The Kitchen Table have articles and resources on how to share and grow faith at home.

 Care for the Family provide many resources during COVID-19 including marriage support, bereavement, parent support and more.

 The Methodist Church provides a wealth of resources for children, young people and families.  Read through their recommended film lists for a fun afternoon together; learn how to make prayer sticks; engage in creative worship and much more.

Dear Methodist Friends,

You can find a collection of resources for worship on the Scotland District website. Here is the link


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