Getting Started Online

Digital training for those who want the confidence to embrace the online world.

Getting Started Online is a new course from the Methodist Church exploring our place in the digital world.
It’s made up of 24 short videos and it will be launched on Monday 20 February.
You can head to our website now to find out more about the course and its content, and sign up for one of the facilitated sessions that will be running over February and March. The dates are:

  • Monday 20 Feb – Monday 20 March, 9.30am – 11am for 5 weeks
  • Wednesday 22 Feb – Wednesday 22 March, 7pm – 8.30pm for 5 weeks
  • Saturday 11 March, 10.00am – 3.30pm

Additionally, you can join our Facebook Group, Getting Started Online, which is designed for those of you who want to learn more and deepen your skills. It’s a safe place for conversation and questions, especially if the digital world is not your natural home and you’re not sure how or where to start!

We are excited about the opportunity that the online world provides for us as a Church seeking to grow and reach out to all people. The digital world is a mission field like any other and we are looking forward to discovering more about it with you over these sessions.


Traidcraft was founded as a faith organisation in 1979, and has promoted fair trade ever since. In January 2023, it went into administration.

They are encouraging their customers to support the many fair trade suppliers with whom they worked.

Transform Trade is a completely separate organisation to Traidcraft PLC and they are not affected by the administration. Their work will continue at

Net Zero in my Neighbourhood

Do you want to be a climate champion in your community? Would you like to help make where you live greener, safer and more pleasant? Are you looking for local ways to act on your environmental concerns? Then Net Zero In My Neighbourhood is just what you’re looking for!

These resources will help churches to support their communities in holding councils accountable over their climate action plans. The campaign encourages us to build relationships with our councils and facilitate meeting spaces for our communities to come together and discuss how we can achieve a just transition from fossil fuels where we are.

Read more and download resources.

Faith in British Democracy: A Christian Vision for Political Engagement 

With democracy under pressure everywhere, can Christians recover a positive vision for political engagement?

This four-week course explores a vision of constructive and critical participation in British democracy. Cynicism about politics is at an all-time high, citizens are divided and angry, and democracy seems unable to promote the common good. Given rising global religious extremism, many fear the presence of religion in politics and argue for a wholly secular democracy. But Christians, not least Methodists, have long engaged in political action as an expression of love of neighbour and concern for the common good. There are rich resources in the Christian tradition to empower us to engage with politics faithfully, wisely and effectively today.

Faith in British Democracy: A Christian Vision for Political Engagement delves into these resources, equipping participants to become more articulate and confident Christian citizens working for the common good. The course is designed for anyone engaged in or interested in British politics, campaigning or church-based action. Through readings, conversation and reflection on participant’s practical experience, we will explore a broad Christian vision of democracy and consider its application in concrete areas of political life.

More information, and registration.

Could you be an accompanist?

Do you have the gifts and graces to listen to and walk alongside someone considering a call to ordained ministry?
Would you be willing to offer some time to help someone else?

We are looking to recruit volunteer accompanists to do just that.

More details of how to apply and the training offered are available.