Recovery Church

The Recovery Church is a district project (NPNP) as well as a Circuit one, the training provider called Recovery Coach Academy is a major partner of our project by helping us to train and equip future Recovery Coach Professionals in the communities.

They offer a free live (on Zoom) 2hr training for ‘Allies’ (meaning people who don’t have addiction(s) but would like to help and volunteer to help those who suffer or are dying from addiction(s)). Just to remind ourselves that every year in Scotland about 3,000+ people die directly from alcohol poisoning or drug overdose (it doesn’t include death from accident or health complication link to the repeated excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs) making Scotland the highest rate per capita of ‘death of despair’ (academic term for death from addictions) in the western world.

We would like to invite anyone from the Methodist Church in Scotland to join this training on the 4th April (6-8pm) to better understand why, how and what. Just register using this link:

If the Recovery Church is a genuine district missional project, through this training/workshop, we may inspire other areas of Scotland to join the movement…

Experience Camas with the Iona Community

Looking for a very special residential setting to bring groups to? Camas is the Iona Community’s outdoor centre on the Isle of Mull? Experiencing Camas is an opportunity to experience the wonder of Camas first-hand, available at a discounted rate, for all those working in the voluntary sector, support and social care services or education. 

Other open weeks at Camas are available here, and the 2024 Abbey Programme is here

Find out more and book your place 

Update from HMRC on VAT associated with Burials 

HMRC has updated Burial, cremation and commemoration of the dead (VAT Notice 701/32).  It explains the VAT liability of funeral services, burials and cremations, goods and services connected with the commemoration of dead people, other goods and services connected with organising funerals, and other activities relating to the disposal of the remains of the dead, including transport of the deceased.

In general, the following services are exempt from VAT:

  • the disposal of the remains of a deceased person;
  • the making of arrangements for, or in connection with, the disposal of the remains of the deceased;
  • the services of one undertaker to another in connection with a specific funeral of the deceased.

Specifically in relation to places of worship:

  • fees payable to churches for ministers’ services are outside the scope of VAT;
  • orders of service for use in funeral commemorative services are zero-rated (read Zero rating of books and other forms of printed matter (VAT Notice 701/10)
  • burial (including reburial), cremation and interment of ashes are exempt from VAT, as is the digging, preparation and refilling of a grave.

William and Jane Morris Church Conservation Grants

The application portal for the Morris Church Conservation Grants is now live, and the next deadline is 31 March. You can apply for between £500 and £5000 for the conservation of decorative features and monuments in churches and places of worship in the UK. 
Click here for more information about our grants programmes.  

New contact number for Safeguarding

We have a new Safeguarding Officer, Donald Urquhart, with new contact details; or mobile number 07891 638078.

Please check all the notices that you may have in your church (including those in toilets) and on any hard copy or online documents and make sure this information is updated.  It is important that people who need help are able to access it quickly, and obsolete contact details won’t help.