Property advice can be found on the suite of webpages on the Methodist Church in Britain site.
This includes the Property Handbook pages.

If you are dealing with Property matters for your Circuit or Church please remember that a lot of advice given on the Methodist Church in Britain site deal with property matters in England and may not be relevant in Scotland. We always advise you to seek local legal advice, and if unsure what to do contact one of the District Property Secretaries.

Property Returns are now open for completion. When completing them it refers to reviewing Carbon Footprint as part of climate change please use the following link to review what your church is doing.

Christian Discipleship in the Context of Climate Change

Phil Haggis –
Allan Loudon –



Scottish Government advice on private rented property

Property section on Methodist website; bear in mind that some advice will be relevant to England and Wales only

Property matters – current issue and archive

Methodist Insurance made simple

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