Reconciling communities: living well with difference

A webinar organised by the Safeguarding team

13 May – 11.00am – 12.30pm

Change, disagreement and conflict is a part of everyday church life. This interactive webinar invites you to look at disagreements in a new light, seeing them as an opportunity for creativity, community-building and conflict transformation. You will experience an online facilitated conversation and find out more about the exciting new reconciliation and mediation pilot project being run in partnership with Place for Hope.

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Global access to vaccines

The President and Vice-President, the Revd Richard Teal and Carolyn Lawrence, have added their names to this call for all the steps necessary to be taken to produce and distribute enough Covid vaccine for the entire global population. Read more in this article in the Guardian.

Bible Month with Mark – Round table talks

Join us from 7.30-9pm on Tuesday evenings through May and June in some round table discussions live on YouTubeand Facebook. An opportunity to listen in,
ask questions and share in conversations about Mark’s Gospel with Professor John Drane.

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What is Mark’s gospel for? 4th May

Almost the whole of Mark’s gospel is contained in the much larger gospels of Matthew and Luke, much of it expressed in a more articulate and sophisticated form.
So what was the point of keeping Mark in the New Testament? And how did the early church use it?

What makes a disciple? 18th May

The stories of the disciples are familiar and well loved, beginning with a group of fishers invited by Jesus to follow him. But what happened next, and how might their journey with Jesus inform our understanding of what it means to follow Jesus in the 21st century?

What is the point of it all? 1st June

As the first Christians shared the gospel throughout the Roman empire, they needed to explain their faith in ways that would address the concerns of those they met. The questions on the street in ancient Rome had many similarities with things that fascinate people today, and we can learn much from the way in which Mark’s gospel engages with them.

Memories that fire the imagination 15th June

We all have our favourite stories that inspire us, and in this session we will reflect on selected episodes from Mark that have particular resonance today as we work out what it means for us to be effective in ministry and mission.

Scottish Parliament Elections briefings

The Joint Public Issues Team  and the Scottish Churches Parliamentary Officer have put together briefings on key issues in the forthcoming elections to the Scottish Parliament.

Briefings cover