The Illegal Migration Bill

“We are appalled by the proposals in the government’s ‘Illegal Migration Bill’ to detain, punish and reject thousands of people seeking safety. They are completely incompatible with our Christian conviction that all human beings are made in the image of God, and are therefore inherently worthy of treatment which honours their dignity.” Church Leaders from the Methodist Church, the United Reformed Church and the Baptist Union have signed a joint statement expressing opposition to the government’s new ‘Illegal Migration Bill’. You can read the whole statement, as well as a link with advice on writing to your MP.

Security and counter terrorism for publicly accessible places

The UK Government is introducing Legislation in relation to security and counter terrorism for publicly accessible places. This will directly affect places of worship.

In December 2022, the Home Secretary announced her intention to introduce Martyn’s Law, formerly known as the Protect Duty, as soon as Westminster parliamentary time allows. Martyn’s Law will apply across the whole of the United Kingdom and further information on what is proposed can be found in the factsheet. The legislation will place a statutory requirement on those responsible for certain locations to consider the threat from terrorism and implement appropriate and proportionate mitigation measures in their day to day operations.  It is possible that partners/stakeholders you engage with may be affected.

The Home Office are commencing their stakeholder engagement programme and as part of this, they are hosting a series of webinars which will involve a presentation on Martyn’s Law along with an opportunity for questions and answers.

If for any reason, someone from your organisation is not able to attend these events, we can also request bespoke events. Interest can be registered at the links below.


Places of Worship Thurs 09 March 2023



Are you hosting a Warm Space?

Research on reaching people who belong to faith groups

The Strategy and Insight Team at the Scottish Government are keen to conduct research to explore whether there are better ways to ensure that our messaging is reaching people on low incomes, who belong to faith groups, don’t speak English as a first language, have a disability, health condition or mobility issues and / or are from Minority Ethnic backgrounds. We’re also interested in speaking to support workers who work with these audiences. This is a particularly pressing question during the cost of living crisis but we’re interested more broadly in making sure that the messages that need to get through, are finding the right audiences.

We know that many organisations are running Warm Spaces this winter so we wondered whether this might give us an opportunity to pop along to a session and speak to some of the people dropping in for this research. If community centres are running drop in sessions or support groups, that also might provide an opportunity to speak to some of the visitors. If you think this might be possible, please get in touch with

Member of Connexional Solidarity Circles (Disability, LGBT+, Racial Justice, and Women)

Expression of interest form & role pack –

Easter Offering 2023

No borders to God’s love

The stranger who resides with you shall be to you as a citizen among you; you shall love the stranger as yourself.

Leviticus 19:34 [NIV]

Many churches support people who have come to the UK in search of sanctuary. Use the Easter Offering 2023 dedication service to consider welcome and hospitality, especially to people who are displaced and forced to migrate.

No borders to God’s love offers churches, circuits and districts a celebration of God’s love and mission worldwide. It includes the dedication of the Easter Offering, all of which goes to the World Mission Fund of the Methodist Church in Britain, supporting and working with over 100 Partner Churches and organisations around the world.

Looking for some Lent reflections?
Methodist Women in Britain have produced seven reflections for the seven weeks of Lent.
You can use these Lent reflections as they lead towards the Easter Offering 2023 service and its resources. Find the Lent reflections at

Young, trans, non-binary and Methodist

Discussions around trans and non-binary people can seem everywhere at the moment. Many of the conversations can feel unhelpful for those who are trans or non-binary themselves, often focusing on gender in relation to others, rather than welcoming them as the people they are called to be.

Here, as part of LGBT+ History month, young trans and non-binary people talk for themselves about their experiences.