Room for More?

On Monday, the Prime Minister announced a new strategy for dealing with those the Government describes as illegal immigrants, seeking to push back and restrict people crossing the channel to seek sanctuary in the UK. On Wednesday, more lives have been lost as people made the perilous journey in desperation.

On Monday, the Government chose to impose restrictions and intensify resources to try to stop people seeking a new life in the UK. Today, we need to reflect on our desire to deny other people – who are also made in the image of God – the same opportunity for safety and flourishing that we claim.

On Monday, those who are blessed with safety and resources decided to place limits on those who seek just the bare essentials. Our hearts go out to those whose loved ones have died crossing the channel and those who will try to do the same again.

On Monday we closed our doors a little more to those who are seeking sanctuary. Today we need to declare, ‘There is room’!


Loving God, when Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem, they were told that they could not be accommodated like everyone else. There was no room in the inn.

When people risk life and limb for a better life for themselves and their loved ones, they are told that they cannot be accommodated like everyone else.

Help us to be those who find accommodation for others.There is room.

Help us to move over and give one another space.There is room.

And help us to reflect on the capacity of your all-embracing love as we journey with you this Advent because, ‘There is room’.

We pray in the Name of Jesus whose love accommodates all.



The President of the Methodist Conference, the Revd Graham Thompson

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