Creating a culture of welcome: church-led responses to migration and refugees

At the recent JPIT conference, David Bradwell, JPIT member and Co-ordinator of Scottish Faiths Action for Refugees, and Philip Jones and other members of Wilbraham St Ninian’s URC who have direct experience of the UK asylum and refugee system, led a session on the UK’s response to refugees.

They explored practical ways your church can demonstrate love-of-neighbour. This is for everyone, whether or not you have asylum seekers or refugees living in your local area: there are things all of us can do to create a culture of welcome in church and in society.

Read the briefing paper Made for Goodness: A faithful response to the refugee crisis.

If you want to have sacred conversations on migrating within your local church or church related group @home in a strange place is a very useful resource.

Here are some Church organisations carrying out work with refugees that you can get involved with.

Scottish Faiths Action for Refugees

Christian Aid

City of Sanctuary

Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe

CTBI Focus on Refugees

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