Connecting as Women of Different Faiths, Beliefs and Cultures

Interfaith Scotland invites women of all backgrounds to talks and conversation on the theme of ‘Connecting’ to celebrate Scottish Interfaith Week 2020

Monday 9th November, 10am – 11.30am on Zoom

Our keynote speaker is Roz Adams, a certified trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication. Roz is the Project Development Worker with Glasgow-based charity Bridging the Gap which brings people together from all faiths, backgrounds and cultures to share meaningful activity, explore difference and find common, human ground. Roz will be joined by two volunteers from Bridging the Gap, Katherine Longmuir, a Scottish Catholic, and Huda Jaber, a Sudanese Muslim, who will speak about their experiences of putting faith into action by connecting with others. We will then have time to connect with one another in conversation in small groups.

This event is open to women and those who identify as women.

To sign up to attend the event please fill in the Google form at this link:

If you have any additional support needs to assist you in attending this event please email Frances Hume at 


Supporting Refugees and Asylum Seekers

A Supporting Refugees and Asylum Seekers Gathering will take place via Zoom on Thursday 15 October between 11.00am and 12.30pm. It will be hosted by Ian Rutherford and David Hardman (Manchester and Stockport) and Bala Gnanapragasam (London).

Joining from Rome will be Fiona Kendall, the European and Legal Affairs Advisor with Mediterranean Hope. More information.

To join the Zoom meeting on 15 October please let Ian Rutherford know on and he will send you the Zoom link.

Christians on Ageing Conference Calls

We may be locked-in but our minds are still free to roam.  We may not be able to meet each other and exchange our ideas in person.  But, we can still talk to each other and see each other talking through the technology at our fingertips.  Christians on Ageing wants to use this time and the technology to look at some important and pressing issues of the day.  We are going to do this by using a very popular facility: ZOOM.

22 September 2020
Recruitment and support of volunteers in church activities (with older people).

The national effort to offer support within communities and to individuals has highlighted the work of volunteers, of every age and walk of life.  This discussion will focus on the needs of volunteering within the Churches.  It will be chaired by the Rev Dr Joseph Cortis, Co-ordinator of Caritas Diocese of Leeds, who is a member of Christians on Ageing Executive Committee

20 October 2020 
Care Home Update

As care homes relax some of the visiting restrictions imposed during lockdown, are relatives, friends, ministers and pastoral visitors able to see residents as much as they can reasonably expect? Are homes willing to be more flexible on allowing the visiting of people with dementia who would be distressed by the absence of visitors, as government has advised? What lessons from handling visiting during the March lockdown can we learn for future lockdowns? Our second Conference Call on the important subject of engaging with older and disabled people in care homes will be chaired by Christians on Ageing  Executive Committee member and author of How to Handle Later Life, Marion Shoard.

17 November 2020 
Supporting family carers and friends of people with dementia

The effects of the pandemic within society have been many and serious and areas of life often hidden from view have been exposed to the light of day – and fresh scrutiny.  The way in which those supporting people with dementia have themselves been shown to have needs for support has been a significant development in how we understand a growing phenomenon.  The discussion will be chaired by Julia Burton-Jones of the Diocese of Rochester with a commentary from Dr Albert Jewell, a member of our Executive Committee.

The practical stuff
Each session will start at 10.30 am and run for 40 minutes and then, after a ten-minute comfort break, a further 40 minutes. After introducing the topic, the chair will invite participants to offer their own experience and reflections, followed by general discussion. We will publish a short report of each session on our website. To ensure everyone has the opportunity to contribute, we are limiting the number of participants for each session to twelve, including the chair.

Joining the sessions
All you need to do to join the discussion is to register your interest by e-mailing giving your name and any useful background information (e.g. your church and the town where you live).  You will be sent a link by e-mail which will allow you to join the discussion via the Zoom video-conference facility.  You will not need to register to use the facility.

Who are the sessions for?
We are not confining these discussions to members of Christians on Ageing; they are open to all readers of the newsletter and visitors to our website but we hope, of course, that if you are not a member you might consider joining and supporting us in our work. Benefits of membership include receipt of our quarterly journal plus; we have recently published a special issue of plus devoted to the issues raised for older people by Covid-19.

Homelessness and Housing Gathering

Zoom Gathering – 30 September  

We are pleased to invite you to the third Homelessness and Housing Gathering which will be held over Zoom.

The Zoom Gathering will take place on Wednesday 30 September between 11 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. and will be hosted by Ian Rutherford (Manchester) and Mike Long (London). 

 We will hear updates on recent lobbying and the Government`s response and on current developments in social housing. We will have an open conversation on policy proposals in relation to Methodist involvement and an interactive session on the need for partnerships in working to end homelessness and integrating accommodation, health and support within this time of “Living with Covid”. 

To join the meeting email Revd Ian Rutherford on for a link.

We are looking forward to seeing you on 30 September and capturing everyone’s contributions.

More background information

Utilising online platforms for mission

Online Zoom event – Tuesday 7th July 2020 10:00 to 14:00.
led by Ali Johnson, Digital Evangelist at Cliff College.

This is a FREE training day led by Ali Johnson, Digital Evangelist at Cliff College, for those who are interested in developing their knowledge and skills in using social media, websites and lots other platforms for mission!

This training day is not for those beginning to use digital in their church/missional context, but it is for those who are already using social media — those who would like to ‘work smarter’ and advance their skills and knowledge.

Some basic knowledge is needed but it should be accessible for all ministers, administrators and lay workers, as well as volunteers with some digital awareness. As well as develop knowledge of different platforms, it will also help develop awareness of trends, target groups, different contexts and creative ideas for engaging digitally.