Resources for Small Groups

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The following resources are available for loan. E-mail to request a copy.

Living the Questions 2 – LtQ2 is the completely revised and expanded version of Living the Questions, the popular DVD & internet-based small group exploration of progressive Christianity featuring premier religious voices of our day.
Gospel in Life Pack– 8 week DVD based course by Timothy Keller.
What’s So Amazing about Grace by Philip Yancey – small group edition 10 week DVD -based course that takes your group for “gut level encounters with radical, life-changing grace.”
Living by the Rule – by Kathy Galloway (book) A series of reflections on living by the Rule of the Iona Community, exploring its history, inner life and public witness.
Thinking out Loud – scripts from John Bell’s Thoughts for the Day  on Radio Four (book)
Nooma is a series of 24 short films that explore our world from a perspective of Jesus. Look at the website to see which you want before requesting.
Tom Wright’s Galatians for Everyone Bible Study Guide (book)
Glimpses for Young People DVD – music and images designed for Young People(FYT)
Christian Life and Work (London Institute for Contemporary Christianity) This six part DVD resource and step by step leader’s guide will help small groups to: Know the joy of working for God from 9-5, Make a difference for God in your workplace, Support each other effectively at work, Raise the profile of secular work in your church.
Websites with Free Resources – Videos which make excellent discussion starters featuring top-notch professional actors- applecart is about overturning preconceptions and re-telling Gospel stories. – Methodist resource for small groups, including video/audio, aimed at stimulating conversations about what living life to the full might look like for people at any stage of their life and any stage of their faith journey. Free bible study resources from Bible Society – Essence – Bible study resources written by Rob Frost. Lots of resources and links for bible study and discipleship Resources from the Inspire Network – focussing on Mission Shaped discipleship
Christian Perspectives on Death and Dying – An online resource about end-of-life decision-making.

Websites with Courses and Resources for Purchase

Emmaus : A popular series of resources to develop discipleship.
CellUK Explore how your church could take seriously the challenge to put holistic small discipleship groups at the centre of its life.
Living the Questions Various resources and courses are available for purchase and download. Contributors include John Dominic Crosan and Marcus Borg.
Nooma A series of short films that explore our world form a perspective of Jesus. Nooma is an invitation to search, question, and join the discussion.
London Institute for Contemporary Christianity. LICC exists to envision and equip Christians and their churches for whole-life missionary discipleship in the world. Various course and books are available for purchase and download.
The Iona Community People from different walks of life and traditions in the church committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ and where that leads. Books, reflections, and worship resources available for purchase and download.
Frontier Youth Trust. Mission with young people at risk, including ‘Glimpses’, which is a multi media resource containing hundreds of resources to help young people explore, develop and reflect upon their spirituality.
Premier Youthwork Resources including discussion guides and issue-based discussion topics
Books, Bible Study Resources and Courses
Thousands of bible study resources and books appropriate for group discussion and reflection including authors such as Marcus Borg, Brian McLaren and Tom Wright.

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