Holiness and Risk

Do you know where you are going and why? Have you wondered what God has in store for you? Do you remember how you got to where you are today? If these questions interest you then join us on our ‘Holiness and Risk’ journey.

Through a series of interactive sessions, activities, readings, prayer and worship we will be encouraging all Methodists in Scotland to think about their spiritual journey including:

  • exploring past adventures and discovering new ones
  • reflecting on what God is doing in the world and your life today
  • helping develop a better understanding of how Methodist heritage and present opportunities can be understood
  • give opportunities for growth and learning

We meet each other at different points in the journey with a plethora of experiences, of family, school, church, and work behind and ahead of us. We are also living with current realities and inevitably wonder what the future holds. In a comfortable and supportive environment we aim to support each other as we make our next steps on our journey of faith.

See in the video how in 2010, Scottish Methodists were encouraged by Rev Dr Phil Meadows from Cliff College to discern their faith journeys so far, reflect on how this related to the world, root the experience in Methodist values, and were offered resources for taking their insights further.

Participants were invited to think about a daily discipline of holiness, and taking risks in daily life as well as in the church.

Prayers for the Journey may be found in Celtic Wheel of the Year by Tess Ward.

Past Events

Dreaming of the Summer… what if Church became the place God wanted it to be? 9 March 2013 with Rev Mark Wakelin



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