The purpose of the Geetotal initiative is to gather together a growing community which can help cut our dependence on dangerous greenhouse gas emissions. The ‘Geetotal Commitment’ is a commitment to add no more to total greenhouse gas emissions. For further information about the initiative go to: Geetotal

Hello World      Hello Today

I am plankton  a child of the ocean
People eat the fish; the fish that feast on me
I had a lovely home
In a cool, less acid sea…
This is Today
I will not be here, unless you make another way

I am a child of the forest,
With many like me,  I live with fear, I sleep fitfully,
I had a lovely home
It is now open prairie…
This is Today
Must this be the only way?

I am a child of the Pacific, Kiribati is home for me
My Government says, we must Migrate with Dignity
I had a lovely home
It will soon be memory
This is Today
Is it too late to find another way?

I am a child  of the cliff
Once  a  whole  community
I had a lovely home
It is now  the North Sea….
This is Today
Can’t there be  another  way?

I am you, I am me
I am my child, I am your child
To  sleep at night
To wake with hope…
We will be another way
Hello Tomorrow

Jon Cape






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