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  • Tue

    Making our churches more dementia friendly

    11 am to 12.30 pmZoom

    Kate Little is organising a webinar on behalf of the Connexional Safeguarding Team entitled “Making Our Churches More Dementia-Friendly”. Topics will include:

    • Dementia awareness
    • Practical tips for making churches more welcoming and “dementia friendly”
    • The theology of personhood and dementia
    • Information on safeguarding people with dementia, including the church’s sometimes unique opportunity to keep a loving, watchful eye on vulnerable people with dementia within their congregations
    • The risk of financial abuse and legal implications
    • Positive examples of Methodist Churches who are already running successful services or activities for people with dementia

    This topic is broader than just safeguarding and very important. Lots of people attending our churches would be really interested to hear what the speakers will be sharing.

    Anyone interested in attending need only click on this link to register and provide their name, email address and role and we will send them the Zoom link for 30 November:

    Register in advance for this webinar:


    If anyone is interested but isn’t free at 11am on Tues 30 November, the webinar will be going up on the Safeguarding pages of our Methodist Church website after the event for anyone to watch.

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