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  • Wed

    Christians on Ageing Webinar

    10.15 am to 4 pmZoom

    OLD AND CHRISTIAN: what do you think about these?

    • Prison when you are old
    • Music as therapy in dementia
    • Dying, death and assisted dying

    The webinar will be conducted via Zoom.  A link will be available once your booking is accepted.

    Cost: FREE

    The day will include:

    • Back Door Parole.  There are more than 5,000 men aged 60 and over in UK prisons (total population 83,618), 161 of these older men died in prison during the 12 months to June 2021. We will be treated to extracts from a new play called Back Door Parole produced and presented by Journeyman Theatre Company.  It deals with issues affecting older men in prison with disabilities, illness and facing death.  There will be a chance to explore the topic with Lynn Morris of the Company.
    • Music as therapy in dementia.  The most-feared illness, other than Covid-19, amongst the over-50s is dementia. Perhaps overshadowed just now by Covid-19 it has made people more vulnerable to the virus and will remain a major source of impairment, illness and distress when the pandemic is hopefully contained.    Kathryn Rowland from ‘All in Sound’ and Barbara Stephens from ‘Dementia Pathfinders’ will demonstrate music’s power to help.
    • End of life issues.  The pandemic has caused a wider contemplation of life, death and the experience of dying.  For many of us, these recent months have brought us closer to death than ever in our lifetimes. The Covid-19 pandemic has increased deaths in this country and throughout the world, some deaths have followed directly from the virus, others by its indirect impact as health and care services have been stretched and people have been fearful to seek help with symptoms of other illnesses. This has led to wider contemplation of life, death and the experience of dying, how this is approached and even its legal framework.
      Graham Hawley, a retired Methodist minister, and James Woodward, Principal of Sarum College will address the issues.

    The day will conclude with an opportunity to tell Christians on Ageing about local initiatives and to encourage our growing and responsive ecumenical organisation to take up new challenges.  This conference will help us to plan new ways of giving support, spreading ideas and promoting good practice.

    Use this link to book your free place.


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