EDI training day

In-person EDI training day in Perth on 4ThNovember led by the District EDI Officer – Jennifer Radtke.  Numbers may be limited but if you are unable to access any online training, please contact the District Administrator to register your interest in attending in person at Perth.

EDI training

This EDI training is to help us live out our commitment to being a church which is inclusive and justice-seeking. We are now committed to life-long learning about the richness of human diversity and to learning from one another. Thanks for your help in putting this into practice.

The training is mandatory for those in particular roles but open to all who wish to participate.

This event is being facilitated particularly for those within the districts of Scotland and Shetland.

Register here:  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/715429909117?aff=oddtdtcreator
This will be a led session organised by Forth Valley Circuit.  More details from Eventbrite or Louise McAspurren (Forth Valley Administrator) on forthvalleycircuit@gmail.com

Poverty in Scotland 2023

Is work working? For many, work is a source of identity as much as it’s a source of income. People take great pride in the work they do but for too many it gives too little in return.  The rise of in-work poverty has defined the labour market since the turn of the last decade.  A previously steady rise had accelerated, and a tipping point was passed recently (2018-22) that saw as many people in poverty in working families than workless ones. The trend has undermined attempts to reduce poverty in Scotland and left many in work feeling hopeless about the potential to thrive. If this is the result of our labour market, it’s time for a new one.

This year’s Challenge Poverty Week event from the Joseph Rowntree foundation will cover the current state of poverty in Scotland, including progress towards meeting the Scottish Child Poverty targets, and the role of work in reducing poverty. It will focus on drivers of in-work poverty in Scotland, including inequalities in the labour market, pay, hours and high costs. It highlights the need for immediate action across the Scottish economy, as well as highlighting different policy and practice needs within five high-priority industries. It also addresses the role of factors external to the labour market, particularly high, and rising, costs.