EMU 2015

Over the past 5 years, EMU’s Steering Group of 4 people from each Church has met regularly 2 or 3 times a year, and the Church leaders, Ecumenical Officers and others have been in more frequent contact. Those engaged with formation and training have close personal links, after working together and presenting joint programmes and events, over a number of years. EMU has more recently agreed the appointment of the representative of one church acting as the “EMU link person” for meetings with other ecumenical partners or bodies.

EMU churches, separately and together, maintain relationships with other ecumenical partners. EMU has recently hosted meetings for a wide range of churches to consider ways of working together on ministerial vocations, training and formation, for both ordained and lay persons.

EMU partners know the jokes about “a flightless bird”, but there have been areas where it is felt things have got off the ground. Although the rate of take-off is slow and uneven, there are examples of a local sense of “we can work together because we are EMU”. Forward movement can appear uncertain or even unlikely – not least because of the scattered nature of EMU congregations across Scotland – but there are signs of and a commitment to progress.

EMU commends the monthly Faith in Action prayer guides, published on the Scottish Episcopal Church website.

EMU’s Review has been invited not only to assess the past 5 years but to suggest pointers for future closer growth. EMU’s Methodist representatives invite comments and suggestions at any time, via the District Office.

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