Cullen Methodist Church

Cullen Methodist church has a reputation of being warm and welcoming. And it is a reputation well earned. There is a real sense of family in regard to the congregation.

A people of faith that love and care for each other…and not just themselves, but those in the community and those that choose to join them. It is an open and welcoming family.


The UK government has issued guidance concerning the Coronacirus and in line with this guidance the Methodist Church is announcing a closure of all its church buildings for the foreseeable future. This means all services and activities will cease until further notice.

We are continuing to worshp together online. And there are a number of resources available.

Our minster, Rev Chris Jackson, is producing a weeklyact of worship which can be found through his YouTube channel by clicking here

check out our Facebook page here

Our District chair Rev Mark Slaney is also streaming a live act of worship every Sunday at 11am. This can be found on his channel here

The Methodist church is also producing a downloadable act of worship to use at home. Please print this out for personal use, or to give to someone who does not have acces to the internet. download here

You will alos find a number of others resources and up to date advice on the Methodist Church UK website.

What can we do ?

We can pray, we can pick up the phone and chat with each other, we can offer help to the most vulnerable, we can come closer to God in our need.

If you wish to talk or ask a question or any other request for pastoral care please do not hesitate to contact our minister using the details below:


Rev Chris Jackson,  4 Titness Street, Buckie, AB56 1HR, Tel: 01542 833765


Church Bookings and Information: John Addison, Tel: 01542 840034

An old Wesleyan Chapel with an earthen floor and a thatched roof was constructed in 1814 from stones carried in creels from the nearby beach. This was later replaced by the present building, opened on 7th September, 1905. Since those days the Church has been very much an active Church, whose aim is to provide a place of worship, preach the Gospel of Christ and to encourage fellowship and community spirit.

In 1996/7 the Church was refurbished. The old forms went out and in came comfortable chairs. The floor was carpeted throughout and the building is now a place of warmth and comfort. But it is the people who matter most and we trust that you will find a warmth and love from the fellowship of the Church.

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