Operation Christmas

Shoebox Collection 2016

Suggested Items (ALL ITEMS MUST BE NEW)

*No need to fill a whole box, collect what you can and hand it in. We will meet in October to pack and wrap the boxes.

*If you are filling a whole box, please write on the lid who the box is for: an Elderly Woman, an Elderly Man, a Woman, a Man, a Teenage Girl (age), a Teenage Boy (age), a Girl (age) or a Boy (age)

Please do try to include the following:

Toothbrush and Toothpaste,     SoapShoebox2_sml(1)

Hat/ Scarf / Gloves

Small Toy for boys and girls such as cars, dolls, balls

Sweets (No chocolate or any other food) *Best Before Date March 2017 No loose sweets, lollies or undated bags of sweets

Other Suggestions:

TOILETRIES, e.g.: Shampoo, Face cloth/ Moist wipes, Deodorant, Moisturising Cream, Comb/Brush, Sanitary products, Shaving foam/Razors (NO talcum powder, please)

CLOTHES e.g.: Underwear, Socks/ Tights, T-shirts, Pyjamas, Jumpers, Shirts, etc.

MISCELLANEOUS, e.g.: New Make-up, Sewing Equipment, Household Candles, Screwdrivers/Pliers, Kitchen Utensils

STATIONERY, e.g.: Pens/ Pencils/ Sharpener, Notepads/ Colouring Books, Rulers/ Rubbers

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