Children and Church in the Digital Age Conference

Two events for all working with children in Scottish Churches.
Day event: 10am-3.30pm, 4th June 2015 @ City of Edinburgh Methodist Church
Cost: £12.50 includes lunch and refreshments (and free access to evening programme 7-9pm) – book this event
Evening event: 7-9pm, 4th June 2015 @ City of Edinburgh Methodist Church
Cost: for evening only is £5 (book for evening only)
Speaker at both events: Dr Bex Lewis

Day event

Whether you are a church leader, children’s ministry practitioner, or someone trying to resource your church in this area, you may feel the responsibility for helping keep children safe online but also want to know how they and you can use it to its full advantage.

In this day course, developed from Raising Children in a Digital Age (Lion Hudson, 2014), internet scare stories and distorted statistics are put into context, clear and sensible guidelines are offered. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your hopes, fears and experiences with others in a similar situation, and study examples of how others have used social media successfully with children and young people.

Who is the course for?  – leaders who want to learn about how social media can be used positively  in their practice.

What you will learn:
Understanding where the headlines come from, how you can dig beneath them, and why we need to engage.
An overview of the current digital environment and its tools.
Is there really such a thing as a ‘digital native’  and how do we relate?
The importance of communication at home and within the group.
Understanding privacy, permanency, identity, values, authenticity, and relationships in a digital age (including cyber-bullying)
What an increasingly mobile world means, including dealing with ‘sex talk’.
Keeping healthy and within the law, including screen-time and gaming.
Policy guidelines and case studies.

What preparation do I need to do?
There is no official preparation required for this session, although it may be helpful to put forward any particular questions that you may have early in the workshop or via email to bex[@] before the event.

What is the format?
The day follows a discussion-based format, with a range of exercises to encourage you to think about what you need to do. No computer required.

Day programme runs from 10am-3.30pm, starting with coffee/tea and registration, and includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

Evening Event

Digital technology, social media and online gaming are now a universal part of childhood. But are you worried about what your children might be doing online? What they might come across by accident? Or who might try to contact them through Facebook or Twitter?

Whether you’re involved in children’s ministry, a parent, grandparent, or carer, you will want children to get the most out of new technology. But how do you tread the tightrope of keeping them safe online, whilst enabling them to seize and benefit from the wealth of opportunities on offer? This event will give you the chance to find some answers.

Dr Bex Lewis is keen to ensure that children are able to seize, celebrate and enjoy the wealth of opportunities offered by the Internet, Twitter, Facebook, blogging and other new technology  safely.

In this lively and engaging session she will draw upon her new book Raising Children in a Digital Age, providing an overview of the digital spaces, and practical tips, advice and information to give you confidence to keep your children safe online. Internet scare stories and distorted statistics will be put in context as clear and sensible guidelines are provided, and suggestions for conversation starters highlighted. Copies of her book will be available to buy.

Evening programme runs from 7-9pm, and includes coffee and cake from 6.45pm.
Evening booking

Who is Bex?

Sussex-born Bex has a background as a cultural communications historian and digital practitioner, with a PhD in Second World War posters, in which she wrote the history of Keep Calm and Carry On (before it was famous). She is a ‘digital resident’, geographically based at St John’s College, Durham University, where she researches discipleship in a digital age for CODEC. As the Director of Digital Fingerprint she is a speaker, writer and facilitator, including the workshop ‘Social Media for the Scared’, and is author of the popular Raising Children in a Digital Age (2014), which has been translated into Chinese and Italian.

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