‘On the Edge’ Crucible Course

The Crucible Course and the Methodist Church’s Church at the Margins project are partnering together to offer an online module – ‘On the Edge’

We need to pay particular attention to the margins, because we serve a God who frequently does new things there:

  • On the margins of society among the poor and disenfranchised.
  • At the margins of culture, where creative thinking explores new possibilities.
  • On the margins of the familiar, the spaces all around us, neglected or ignored, but full of potential.

6 Mondays 7-9pm 

23 October, 30 October, 6 November, Break, 20 November, 27 November and 4 December.

The course module will run over 6 evenings from 7.00 until 9.00pm. A team of experienced trainers will deliver the sessions, which will be interactive.

On the Edge is a space for anyone to develop their thinking about nurturing communities amongst people experiencing economic poverty. For maximum impact, attend with a few others from your church or circuit. Email attwoode@methodistchurch.org.uk, for a code to give you free access as a Methodist.

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