Changes to the Connexional Learning Network

  • Learning Network Regions are being replaced with a brand new Learning Network Team covering the whole of the Connexion on 1st September 2023. Changes are still taking place but we are excited about what the new structure will bring.

  • The role of the Learning Network is to equip and resource the Church through a wide range of contextually relevant learning and development opportunities. You can download our latest Learning Development opportunities here and sign up to our events. The Learning Network shares responsibility with others within the Connexional Team and key stakeholders within the districts, circuits and churches. The Learning Network’s work is developed from what comes out of Conference including the Connexional strategies across the team, and what comes up from the grassroots of the districts. The Learning Network works together Connexionally on national projects such as 3Generate, as well as delivering training and facilitating learning events such as Supervision and Positive Working Together. Priorities for learning and development are considered through the Connexional Learning & Development Forum, with a view to enabling districts and circuits in being places of lifelong learning and sharing, so as to encourage and inspire Methodist people in all aspects of Our Calling. Therefore, our priorities are within worship, learning and caring, service and evangelism, which enables us to live out our discipleship so that the love of God can be made known in all we do. 
  • You’ll find lots of information about learning events and opportunities here 
  • Sign up for the new Learning Network Newsletter – first release will be September. (Link is bottom of the page)
  • Join the Learning Network Facebook Group to share, discuss and learn more  

  • There are six Learning & Development Managers working with the Director of Learning and Development to manage the Learning Network, who are also part of the new Lead Managers group within the Connexional Team. Each LDM has responsibility for some of the L&D Officers.

    The Learning & Development manager for the Scotland Nation Staff Group is Lorraine Darlow. Her contact details are:
    Phone: +44 (0) 20 7467 5210 | Mobile: +44 (0) 77 9990 0471
  • Each District has an aligned Learning & Development Officer. The aligned officer role is one element of an LDO’s work as a member of the Learning Network and wider Connexional team. They may also have specialist skills and knowledge, which may be drawn on through the shared work plan.
  • The aligned Learning & Development officer for the Scotland District is Kathryn Campbell. Kathryn’s contact details are 
    Phone: +44 (0) 20 7467 5225 | Mobile: +44 (0) 73 8481 6483

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