Mental Health First Aid Training

The Learning Network is offering two possibilities.

  1. A 5-hour Mental Health Aware Day – 4-hour session (plus breaks so more like 5 hours) at a cost of £20 per person (about 15% of publicised cost to cover resources .  This has no licence applied to it so is relevant across the nations. Become Mental Health Aware · MHFA England
  2. A 2-day Mental Health First Aid (Adults) course – 8 hours per day (no pre-work) at a cost of £50 per person (again a fraction of the cost and includes access to an app for 3 years plus all the learning materials). Become a Mental Health First Aider · MHFA England

Both of these are delivered online so it could be offered across our districts. For more information – please contact Lorraine.

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