Re-cycling medical blister packs – an idea shared – a challenge made.

Six months ago, Stirling Methodist Church members were challenged to bring their empty medical blister packs to church and deposit them in a suitable container. (In our case a re-purposed wild bird fat ball container). We had no idea whether this would work but when sufficient had been collected they were taken to Superdrug, who have a large collection box, and dropped off. This worked as I pass by Superdrug several times a week, so not out of my way. It is also convenient for those who live outside of Stirling, as no special trip required. In the six months since we have started this scheme 1,250 blister packs have been recycled. A small contribution to cutting aluminium waste and carbon emissions. I wonder if there are other churches who would like to try this out in their areas.

Walter Attwood

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