Getting Started Online

Digital training for those who want the confidence to embrace the online world.

Getting Started Online is a new course from the Methodist Church exploring our place in the digital world.
It’s made up of 24 short videos and it will be launched on Monday 20 February.
You can head to our website now to find out more about the course and its content, and sign up for one of the facilitated sessions that will be running over February and March. The dates are:

  • Monday 20 Feb – Monday 20 March, 9.30am – 11am for 5 weeks
  • Wednesday 22 Feb – Wednesday 22 March, 7pm – 8.30pm for 5 weeks
  • Saturday 11 March, 10.00am – 3.30pm

Additionally, you can join our Facebook Group, Getting Started Online, which is designed for those of you who want to learn more and deepen your skills. It’s a safe place for conversation and questions, especially if the digital world is not your natural home and you’re not sure how or where to start!

We are excited about the opportunity that the online world provides for us as a Church seeking to grow and reach out to all people. The digital world is a mission field like any other and we are looking forward to discovering more about it with you over these sessions.

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