Are you hosting a Warm Space?

Research on reaching people who belong to faith groups

The Strategy and Insight Team at the Scottish Government are keen to conduct research to explore whether there are better ways to ensure that our messaging is reaching people on low incomes, who belong to faith groups, don’t speak English as a first language, have a disability, health condition or mobility issues and / or are from Minority Ethnic backgrounds. We’re also interested in speaking to support workers who work with these audiences. This is a particularly pressing question during the cost of living crisis but we’re interested more broadly in making sure that the messages that need to get through, are finding the right audiences.

We know that many organisations are running Warm Spaces this winter so we wondered whether this might give us an opportunity to pop along to a session and speak to some of the people dropping in for this research. If community centres are running drop in sessions or support groups, that also might provide an opportunity to speak to some of the visitors. If you think this might be possible, please get in touch with

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