Methodist Tapestries Project

The Weardale Museum, in Ireshopeburn, County Durham, is promoting the Methodist Tapestries Project, which will show the history and heritage of Methodism via the medium of embroidery. Relating stories not only local to the Museum but those of regional, national and international interest, the Project currently has forty-nine panels at various stages of construction and is looking for volunteers to take on further designs. Images of some of the current panels can be seen on the Museum’s website, including in the Gallery section which showcases different panels every few weeks.

As the museum especially values input and involvement from Methodist communities, it is keen to hear from Methodists who might be interested in participating in the Methodist Tapestries Project. Contributions of local stories that illustrate Methodist history and heritage are always appreciated, and of course if any potential stitchers were to come forward this would be excellent.

More details of the project, including links

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