A Covid Reflective Pilgrimage

Rev Richard Sharples, a Methodist Minister and member of the Iona Community, along with his Iona colleague Helen Wass, will be undertaking an Iona initiative to mark the loss of life associated with the pandemic.

Richard writes:

“With a small group, predominately members of the Iona Community, we are planning a reflective pilgrimage from Edinburgh to Iona, with many parts on foot. Starting at the Scottish Parliament, we then move to St Giles, then to Glasgow, and then on to Stirling and beyond, to remember all those who have died from Covid-19. The plan is to stop at various places each day as we travel to Iona, and at each place to conduct a short ecumenical, inclusive reflection, in memory of all who have died and those who have been deeply affected by the pandemic.

The dates are 9th – 15th October, 2021. The pilgrimage starts at the Parliament late morning on the 9th October, hopefully sponsored by MSP John Swinney, and with some input from the First Minister. Several of the other churches are involved, and other faith communities en route.

We would like Scottish Methodists to be aware of the pilgrimage, and invite them to send in names of those to be remembered. Scottish Methodists are also invited to join the pilgrimage; which is possible either through physically walking with the small party of pilgrims or by joining the daily act of remembrance, most likely in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling.”

Please send names by email to: covidreflectivepilgrimage@gmail.com

Details of the pilgrimage can be found online here: www.facebook.com/Reflective-Pilgrimage


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