Faith, Hope and Climate Change

Trinity College Glasgow invites Church Groups across the UK and Ireland to join our FREE 7 Week Countdown to COP26 Course, “Faith, Hope + Climate Change”.

The United Nations Climate Change Conference is coming to Glasgow in November 2021. Already, world leaders are being challenged on the commitments they will make in The Glasgow Statement. We are inviting you to use part of your 2021 home group, youth group, or Bible study group programme to join with others across the UK and Ireland in listening for God’s call as we face up to the Climate Emergency.

15th Sept to 27th Oct 2021

This course will take place online on Wednesday evenings, 7-9pm BST.​

This year, Glasgow will host COP26. Emphasising community action, the conference seeks to bring global powers “together for our planet”. For many Christians this is an important and much anticipated event.

We feel called to fulfil our duty of care towards the creation which God called ‘good’, and every living thing. Come November, however, many of us will sit as onlookers to the conference, frustrated to be so distant from the action.

More information and registration

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