Do you feel called?

Living library logoHave you ever wondered if you might volunteer for a lay role in church life, or even explore ordained ministry or paid lay work?

  • If you have a sense that God might be nudging you in to a role in church life, but you’re not sure and you don’t want to make a fuss at church, then you can come to this event and meet people from other churches.
  • It is a place where there are no ‘silly’ questions

How it works:

  • We have some ‘books’ committed to be at the event.

Local Preachers, Administrators, Stewards (circuit and church), Presbyters, Deacons, Children Youth & Families Workers, Global Mission Partners, Pioneer or Planters, Chaplains, Youth Reps, Youth President and other young adult leaders.

  • ‘Readers’ visit the ‘books’ in breakout rooms, and the ‘books’ share their stories, and the ‘readers’ can ask questions and together they engage in a conversation.
  • The event is 10-12 on 22nd May
  • There will be up to 3 breakout room opportunities, and 3 times of prayer all together (we will be engaging with 3 different styles of discernment prayer)
  • If people only want to ‘read’ one book, they can visit that book 3 times, or they can head off after they have ‘read’ the book. It is very flexible.

Booking information (free)

Please contact Alison Ransome if there is anything else it would be helpful to know; 07799 900474.

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