Scottish Churches Housing Action

Volunteer Recruitment Promotion

Scottish Churches Housing Action (SCHA) brings together major church denominations and organisations to support the churches’ work on homelessness in Scotland.

We were launched in 1995 with charitable status and over the years we have become one of the major vehicles for tackling homelessness in Scotland.  We bring people together to develop volunteer-based responses to homelessness at a community level, and also help churches to make surplus or under-used property available for affordable housing.  We raise and maintain awareness of homelessness in Scotland including within the churches, and are a voice for church concerns on the issue in relation to government, parliament and the general public.

With the impact of Covid-19, its implications for homelessness and the forthcoming Scottish Parliamentary elections, rarely has it been so important for the voice of SCHA to be heard.

Unfortunately we have been hit hard over the past year and have had to make some difficult decisions in order to survive. As a result our capacity to act has been diminished at a time when we need to be most active. Homelessness was already increasing before Covid-19 and there are growing concerns that the worsening financial situation will promote further homelessness over the winter and onwards as low wages and job losses really start to bite.

We are asking for help over the short to medium term. Help to get the message out, help to continue with our community work and help to promote the construction of social housing. If you have a commitment to social justice, relevant skills, energy and time to offer please email in the first instance. In particular we are looking for people from a journalism, teaching/education, training, marketing, media, project management, housing, legal, or financial background. However, although the list is extensive it is not exclusive. If you have skills to offer please get in touch. We are not necessarily looking for Trustees; there will be time limited working groups to be involved in.

Homelessness is a blight on our country. This is a real opportunity to make a difference. Contact us today. Email and register your interest.

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