Covid19 Ecumenical Statements

Faith Leaders in Scotland have issued a Faiths Statement.

We commit ourselves to mutual respect and to seek together those opportunities when we can offer ourselves to the service of the people and institutions of Scotland.
We are praying for you and with you, may God be with us.
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The Scottish Church Leaders Forum offers prayer at the beginning of Holy Week.

In the course of this Holy Week, we know that we shall hear the words of our Lord Jesus Christ: ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?’ The experience of being abandoned and forsaken is not absent from the life of God lived out in this world. Equally, we are conscious that our faith affirms that this experience does not mark the boundary of the love of God.
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British and Irish Church Leaders offer a statement for Holy Week.

As church leaders from across the many and varied churches of these Islands we urge all people to join us in prayer this Holy Week and Easter; to pray for those who suffer, those who face untimely death and all those who care for them; to celebrate our common faith at a difficult time; to help and support our neighbours in need; and to observe all the safeguards in place to slow the spread of disease.
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