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    Becoming an Active Peacemaker

    5-7 pmonline

    An online course hosted by Wesley House, Cambridge. 4 Wednesdays in May 2023.

    Do you wish to create a more peaceful society but do not know where to start? Are you frustrated by the divisions in your church? Are you struggling to find ways to resolve conflicts?

    Events in the news, tensions and divisions in the places where we gather, including home, church, schools, and work, threaten our peace every day. The inability of global leaders and the custodians of our institutions to resolve conflicts is frustrating. But is there more we, as citizens and members of the society can do to build peace?  Can we be active peace makers in a world of divisions, inequality and political challenges? Can the church actively and justly promote peace-making in fulfilment of the commandment to be peacemakers?Active Peacemaker course flyer

    The ‘Becoming an Active Peacemaker’ course equips participants with practical skills and knowledge to confront challenging issues and act to find solutions. This course targets persons seeking to reduce tensions in their institutions, groups, families, and communities.

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