Shettleston Methodist Church

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Fellowship meetings

Discipleship (Bible study and reflection)
Thursday @7.30pm

If you are not a member or adherent of the church, we would like to
invite you to this dedicated time to enjoy with us the fact that there
is something bigger in life. This service is very much a “kitchen table”
church so it is not polished but simple and true. I hope you will enjoy
it and it will help you in this time of isolation to reflect on the
bigger picture of our life.
If you would like to join us please contact us by email:

May God bless then and in the meantime

Laurent Vernet
Minister – Methodist Church in Scotland
East Kilbride and East Glasgow (Shettleston)

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Dear Friends,

Greetings to you in the name of the Risen Lord, who says to us, “Peace be with you”. It is good to be able to keep in contact with you at this unusual time.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who are finding things particularly challenging, as they deal with death, sickness, mental health issues, financial insecurity and isolation. We think too about partners overseas in developing countries, for whom the virus could pose problems on a different scale* (see below).

The future is very uncertain – as to what life will be like in the months which lie ahead, so we live each day to the fullest, hoping that tomorrow will be better, trusting in the God of resurrection, whose true power is found in sacrificial love.

Thanks to all those who continue to pray for the circuit ministers; we have found ourselves having to adapt quickly to a whole new way of working. I know that many of you have found comfort and inspiration through the material produced online. I am thankful to those who have been able to embrace the new technology to make this possible.

The circuit service is broadcast every Sunday morning at 11.00 am online Service

and you can pick it up there any time after the Sunday morning. I am continuing to broadcast for 5 minutes live at 5 pm (5@5)on Saturdays on Saturday 5 minutes at 5pm

and you can pick up all my old chats there also.

There has also been a remarkable amount of pastoral care exercised on the telephone: listening and encouraging and praying for each other, not only by the staff, but through the faithfulness of pastoral visitors and fellow worshippers. There are times when we cannot pray for ourselves – we need others to do it for us.

It has been said that the church buildings may be closed, but the church of Jesus Christ is open for business; and I have heard many stories of service beyond the call of duty, bringing hope in small ways to other people.

*There is opportunity to give to ‘All We Can’ as they appeal for support for those in developing countries through. All We Can

I trust too that you have considered how you can maintain your financial support for your local church at this time, so that the church’s mission can continue.

We are awaiting guidance as to how the church may function going into the future, but I rejoice to know that all churches are managing to “meet together” in some way during these strange days. We trust in the God of resurrection, who pours out the Spirit, that we might not only know grace in the wilderness, but streams of living water in the desert.

Please be in touch if you feel I could find ways of supporting you. You remain in the thoughts and prayers of many in the circuit, as we learn to appreciate our interdependence even more. We suffer together and we rejoice together.

Our district presbyters are meeting on Wednesday of this week (by “Zoom”) and the local preachers are meeting at the end of the month. There is hope that a new way of being the Methodist Church will emerge – but I still miss being with you all.

Peace and love to you.


From Mark Slaney – District Chair for Methodism in Scotland

Mark will be leading worship 11.00 am on a Sunday


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