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The Strathclyde Circuit was formed in 2014 from the former Glasgow and Lanarkshire Circuits.

As a circuit we feel we are being encouraged to explore a Rhythm for Living individually and in community. This means that people will do things together and discover the reality of God together. We are going to see a distinctive Methodist community emerge under the theme SHARE-PRAY-LIVE here in Strathclyde. In our worship and witness we are seeking to be followers of the Jesus way.

The youth of the circuit meet on a regular basis see what we have been up to by visiting our Facebook page.

Strathclyde Methodist Facebook

A Prayer Group meet on a regular basis for details contact

Led by Rev. Elizabeth Oliver and held at Duthie Park manse.

“So what’s the story” is the theme for this year in the circuit.

We shall be encouraging each other to tell our life stories to each other – and beyond the church walls.

We shall be considering what the “good news” story of Jesus sounds like in this generation.

We shall be asking how our stories connect with the Bible’s story – and whether there are characters in that Bible story whose stories have echoes in our stories.

The Methodist Church in Strathclyde has a story to tell!

Let us tell our stories as we worship God through this coming quarter.



Circuit Fellowship stops for the Winter and start again 6th March 2020, 2nd April 2020, 7th May 2020 and 4th June 2020

Every Sunday at Woodlands Methodist Church to which everyone is welcome. 

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