Racial Justice Sunday

Racial Justice
This is generally observed on the 2nd Sunday in February, which in 2020 is 9th February, but can be any Sunday.

Materials are available from the URC and Roman Catholic churches.

Why Celebrate Racial Justice Sunday?

We believe that the universe was created by a loving God who chose to become a human being in Jesus Christ, who has redeemed the world and sent the Holy Spirit to enable us to love one another with God’s love. All human beings are equally children of God and loved by God. Since none is outside the love of God, none should be outside our love either.

We believe that the diversity of the human race was no mistake on God’s part. God deliberately created variety within the human family and wants us to take as much delight in that variety as God does.

But racism persists in Britain and Ireland. At its most obvious and brutal, it takes the form of physical attacks, which sometimes end in murder. But it takes many other forms as well, like discrimination within the police force, popular prejudice against Travellers or people seeking asylum, or reluctance to accept people of a different ethnic or cultural group as neighbours. Even within churches, people can face discrimination and unkindness because they are different from the majority in a particular community.

As long as this continues, we believe that it is important to make time to give thanks for our diversity and to pray for God’s help in overcoming our prejudices and the injustices that reflect and reinforce them.

Data Protection

The publication of the New Year Honours list (with personal contact details included) highlighted the importance of complying with current Data Protection legislation. Not only has this caused security problems for some but there will almost certainly be a hefty fine imposed for the breach.

The Methodist Church has guidelines on procedures which should be followed by all who store information on behalf of the Church, no matter whether in paper form or electronically and these apply to even the smallest of churches. For more information about what you should be doing, please see https://www.tmcp.org.uk/about/data-protection#slides

Synod Dates 2020

The Presbyteral Synod will be held  on 24th April, followed by the Representative Synod on 25th April, both in Perth.

The Autumn Synod will be on 19th September in Inverness (note change of date from that in Synod Directory).

Sermon of the Year 2020 competition

Preachers are invited to submit 1,500 words on the theme of  ‘Made by God’ for the Sermon of the Year competition 2020. Organised by Preach Magazine, entries are welcome from those aged 18 or over. The top four sermons will be preached at a live event in London and judged by an expert and friendly panel of judges. Entries should be sent to editor@lwpt.org.uk by midnight, Sunday 23 February 2020.

Prayer Hand Book contributions invited

The theme for the 2020/2021 Prayer Handbook is ‘the earth is the LORD’S’ (Psalm24:1). Prayers are welcomed of thanks, penitence, intercession and resolve that, with God’s help, we may take responsibility for our actions and, as stewards of God’s gift to us participate in the healing of creation. Please email your contributions, by 13 January 2020, to: prayerhandbook@methodistchurch.org.uk