Enough – Our responsibility to meet families’ needs


The Joint Public Issues Team, representing many church bodies in the UK, including the Methodist Church, has published a report challenging the premise that the Welfare Reform and Work Bill will incentivise those on benefits to improve their life chances by finding (more) work. Instead, it points out that a large number of families with children will lose a lot of money each year – up to £3000 – and that research suggests that this will result in few families finding extra work; rather, the life chances of the children will be diminished because their families will be attempting to cope with living on not enough money.

“As Christians we believe all are made in God’s image and should have the opportunity to realise the potential God has placed within them. We are asking that the welfare state holds to its founding principles, and seeks to provide enough for a basic standard of living, so that every family and every child can survive and thrive.”

“We do not believe that we should ever deliberately deprive a person, a family, a child of enough to survive, to thrive or to fulfil their God-given potential.”

 Suggested Action

If you are moved by this issue, write to your MP. A template is available at http://www.jointpublicissues.org.uk/enough/.

Jesse Tree

Jesse Tree (1)


Over the four weeks in December at New Stevenston Methodist Church, we have had a very enjoyable time.  Each week we were asked to bring along pictures of men and women of vision and discovery, people who have been totally immersed in the work of God and who have changed the world by their dedication and their love for God.  These people we had to put on our Jesse Tree and by the end of the four weeks we had an impressive group of people, past and present, adorning the tree, including David Livingstone, Florence Nightingale, Nelson Mandela, William Alexander Smith, Martin Luther King, St Cuthbert and Mother Teresa to name but a few.