Worship during Covid19 – Week 2

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Week 2

The Chair of the Methodist Church in Scotland will continue to live lead an act of worship this coming Sunday 29th March at 11 am.
There were over 140 live viewers last Sunday (including one person reportedly joining an act of worship for the first time in three years) and over 500 views in total up to mid-week.
You’ll find Rev Mark Slaney’s YouTube channel using this link, where you can tune in on Sunday and subscribe ahead of time to receive notifications.
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqMz31V_plsq89v_KXAAlCw and see Mark’s promo for this coming Sunday here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mofmTDtEhig
The Methodist Church in Scotland’s website has a range of other online and worship at home resources.
  • Rev Chris Jackson (Moray Coast, North of Scotland Mission Circuit) has uploaded pre-recorded reflective worship including music and hymns.
  • Rev Andrew Fox (Lerwick, Shetland) offers similar pre-recorded worship including Lent liturgies.
  • In East Glasgow, Rev Laurent Vernet will be posting online live worship.
  • You will find resources for use with Children and Families at home and service sheets you can use for personal worship.
  • Some of you may have responded to the Pope’s call to all Christians to pray The Lord’s Prayer together at 12noon on Wednesday this week.
  • The Church Leaders Forum in Scotland encouraged us to join in the Churches Together call to prayer last Sunday evening at 7pm including lighting a candle and displaying it in a window for all to see.
  • This Churches Together call to prayer is now being extended again to this coming Sunday evening at the same time of 7pm.
In these unusual times though we cannot meet together in our usual places we are finding ways to meet together in virtual places.
We are finding ways to care for one another though distanced, isolated and at least 2 metres apart.
We are responding to a call to pray for our neighbours, our leaders, our world.
May God guide, protect and deliver us.

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