Oxfam Scotland and Take One Action Film Festival

Oxfam Scotland has once again partnered with Take One Action film festival. They are supporting three films covering some of the most significant issues facing societies around the world, including modern slavery, unaffordable housing and the refugee crisis.

“After each screening, experts from Oxfam and a range of other organisations will take part in a panel discussion. Please join us as we delve into the films to better understand the issues facing us today and how we can all work to make a difference.”

The three films tackle major issues.

Push investigates the lack of affordable housing across the world.

•    Wednesday 18 September at 20:20  – Filmhouse, Edinburgh
•    Thursday 19 September at 19:30 – CCA, Glasgow

The panel discussion will feature: Oxfam, Shelter and UNISON 

Ghost Fleet  looks at trafficking into the global fishing industry.

•     Monday 23 September at 20:15 – GFT, Glasgow
•    Tuesday 24 September at 20:30 – Filmhouse, Edinburgh

The panel discussion will feature: Oxfam and Scotland Against Modern Slavery 

Midnight Traveler looks at asylum seekers.

•    Saturday 21 September at 20:15 – Filmhouse, Edinburgh
•    Sunday 22 September at 17:00 – GFT, Glasgow

The panel discussion will feature: Oxfam and the Scottish Refugee Council 

More information and buy tickets – click on the event and venue you want.

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