United Nations Treaty on the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons

Janet Fenton at the meeting in Dunbar

The recently signed United Nations Treaty on the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons was the subject of a talk by Janet Fenton at the Methodist church hall in Dunbar on Monday 30th October at a meeting sponsored by Dunbar Peace Group and the Methodist Peace Fellowship

Janet was one of the Scottish representatives that contributed to the negotiations leading to the signing of the Treaty in July 2017.

The Treaty binds its signatories to ban nuclear weapons. This includes a commitment not to produce or to develop nuclear weapons. It also outlaws the possession of nuclear weapons or allowing other states to deploy nuclear weapons on a signatory state’s territory.

With more countries possessing nuclear weapons and with defence systems more and more dependent on computers rather than human beings, the risk of a nuclear war (by accident or on purpose) is currently increasing. And even a ‘small’ nuclear war would kill a huge number of men, women and children, either directly or through the longer term effects of radiation, sickness and famine.

Janet noted that although the Scottish First Minister supported the Treaty, the Westminster government had boycotted the negotiations and refused to sign the Treaty. She called on people in Scotland to take a lead in encouraging the UK government to get rid of Trident and commit themselves to abolishing nuclear weapons.

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