Welcome to the website of the Methodist Church in Scotland! We are part of the Methodist Church in Britain and, as such, members of the world-wide family of our Church. We Scottish Methodists are a relatively small but lively bunch of people scattered across a wide part of this country. We also have groups meeting in places where we don’t have any churches. If you are interested in joining one of these groups – or would like us to start one in your area – please email us.

Following the belief of our founder John Wesley, we believe that God is interested in everyone and we try to give a warm welcome to all. Our churches offer a style of worship that is open to exploring the faith and we try in this and other ways to offer opportunities to think through the big questions of life and the challenging questions we all face.

As well as being a people who offer welcome, fellowship and friendship we seek to serve the communities where we are as well as the whole people of Scotland. So, you will find us taking part in social activities such as food banks, projects for the unemployed, work among children and young people and much more.

We hope this site gives you an insight into some of the things we do and where you may find our churches, as well as giving you other useful links to resources, ideas and contacts, including the website of the Methodist Church in Britain.

Rev’d. Dr. David Easton
Chair of the Synod of the Methodist Church in Scotland.

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